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HyperCollate praised at XML Prague

Friday February 9 Ronald Haentjens Dekker and Elli Bleeker presented HyperCollate, a new collation tool, at the XML Prague Conference.

Capturing textual variance in TEI-XML, both within and between versions of text, especially the more complex cases, poses several challenges for computational modelling. A hypergraph solves a lot of these problems. In Prague Elli and Ronald showed how their hypergraph data model HyperCollate processes TEI texts in such an inclusive manner that it significantly improves the collation result. In order to obtain a level of complexity during modelling and processing of text, the hypergraph provides a powerful data structure. The presented paper concentrates on how a hypergraph handles textual and structural variation. The data structure of a hypergraph makes optimal use of the information-rich XML files that are used in the field of textual scholarship. HyperCollate, the collation tool that uses a hypergraph to model and process textual variation, can therefore deal with different types and complex cases of textual variation. It takes this kind of research to a whole new level.

HyperCollate was received very enthusiastically at XML Prague. Norman Walsh, the principal author of the book DocBook: The Definitive Guide, the official documentation of DocBook, tweeted because of the presentation:  ‘Digital humanists work on and solve some of the hardest, most interesting problems in markup’.

Tweet over HyperCollate