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Ineke Huysman

  • Dr. Ineke Huysman
  • Researcher
  • Department of History of Science and Scholarship; department of History
  • Specialisation: correspondence of Constantijn Huygens
  • +31 (0)20-2246831 / +31(0)70-3315812
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Ineke Huysman gained her doctorate at the University of Amsterdam with a biography of Béatrix de Cusance, Duchess of Lorraine (1614–1663). At Huygens ING, she has worked on the edition of “Minutes of the States of Holland (1620–1640)”, and since 1989, has been active in the field of electronic source access and automation. She was the project coordinator, for example, for digitising the letters of William of Orange  and also for digitising the State Historical Publications, a sources publication published in 450 parts by the former Institute since 1905. She is currently the coordinator for the projects for the Letters of Constantijn Huygens, those of Johan de Witt, and Dutch and Frisian Stadtholders’ Wives, in which the correspondence is being digitised and made accessible in a database. With Ton van Kalmthout, she is also coordinating the project on the diaries of Willem de Clercq.

Research and other projects:

Major publications:

  • Particuliere notulen van de vergaderingen der Staten van Holland 1620-1640 door N. Stellingwerff en S. Schott, deel 3 en 4 (1625-1630).
  • Béatrix en Constantijn. De briefwisseling tussen Béatrix de Cusance en Constantijn Huygens 1652-1662 (Amsterdam 2009) (met Rudolf Rasch).
  • ‘Bewondering of berekening? De geschenkenuitwisseling tussen Constantijn Huygens en Béatrix de Cusance’ in Vrouwen rondom Constantijn Huygens. Speciale uitgave van De Zeventiende Eeuw (Hilversum 2010) p. 203-223.
  • ‘Scènes uit een huwelijk. Het leven van Béatrix de Cusance (1614-1663)’, dissertation Universiteit van Amsterdam 2015.


Research output in Pure

Activities in Pure

Ineke Huysman followed Cultural Studies at the Open University, where she graduated on the correspondence of Constantijn Huygens and Béatrix de Cusance (1614-1663), Duchess of Lotharingen. She is currently working on a Ph.D. thesis on the life of Béatrix de Cusance.

At the Huygens ING she was the editor of the publication Notulen van de Staten van Holland. From 1992 onward, she has been working in the field of electronic source access and automation. For instance, she was the leader of the project to reproduce the letters of William of Orange in digital form. At present she is the project manager of the ‘Brieven Constantijn Huygens’, a project in which the correspondence of Huygens is digitized and made available via a database. She is also the project manager of the Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën (State Historical Publications), a source publication issued by the former Institute in 450 volumes since 1905. In addition she is also involved in other projects, such as the diaries of Willem De Clercq and the ‘Biografisch Portaal van Nederland’.