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Rik Hoekstra


Rik Hoekstra studied History at Leiden University, specialising in the history of European expansion and its consequences. He gained his doctorate in Nijmegen in 1993 with a dissertation on the colonial history of Mexico in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. He then devoted himself to publishing historical information on the Internet and worked at Leiden University. He has been with Huygens ING since 2000 and was responsible for setting up electronic source access. With his expertise in both history and technology, he acts as a link between researchers on the one hand and the programmers who construct websites and applications on the other. His recent work has mainly been as a digital historian, focusing on the innovative use of data in historical research.

Research and other projects

Migrant: Mobilities and Connection

Resolutions of the Dutch States General 1576-1796: The Primary Sources of Early Modern Representation

Digital Charter Bank Netherlands

Important publications:

  • Two Worlds Merging. The transformation of Society in the Valley of Puebla, 1570-1640 CEDLA Latin American Studies 69 (Amsterdam, 1993).
  • “Correspondentie totaal – patronen en trends in de briefwisseling van WIllem van Oranje” in: Eef Dijkhof en Michel van Gent, Uit diverse bronnen gelicht. Opstellen aangeboden aan Hans Smit ter gelegenheid van zijn vijfenzestigste verjaardag (Den Haag, 2007), 117-132.
  • “A Colonial Cacicazgo: the Mendozas of Seventeenth-Century Tepexí de la Seda” in: European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 89, October 2010 | 87-106.


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