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Herman Brinkman receives Kruyskamp Prize 2018

The Kruyskampprijs 2018 has been awarded to Herman Brinkman (Huygens ING) and Ike de Loos (†) for their monumental edition of the Gruuthuse-manuscript.


The Society of Dutch Literary Studies (Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde) has awarded the Kruyskamp Prize 2018 to Herman Brinkman of the Huygens ING for his critical edition of the famous Middle Dutch Gruuthuse-manuscript. The jury classifies it as “monumental”. It praises the combination of completeness and high standard of the research. The edition came into being in close collaboration with the National Library of the Netherlands and was published in 2015 by publishing company Verloren. The edit was also done by musicologist Ike de Loos. She passed away in 2010. The book was dedicated to her.

The Gruuthuse-manuscript was made between 1405 and 1410 and is a unique manuscript for researchers in Dutch Literary Studies because it contains songs, prayers, and poems that can only be found in this manuscript. It is named after the Ghent merchant Gruuthuse who obtained the manuscript in 1460.

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