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05 november 2016 10:00 am - 05 november 2016 4:00 pm


November 5 – Saturday 10.00-16.00, University Library Uithof

(Special Collections department)


Both Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians are invited to take part in this event, which is part of the larger Wikipedia Gender Gap project, aiming at a larger female presence in Wikipedia. This session is a follow-up of an earlier event around the Dutch 19th-century women authors exhibition, which took place April 20th in Atria Amsterdam. This November 5 meeting is planned to be followed by a second one November 19, taking place in the context of the WCN (Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland) Meeting Plaza in Hoog Catharijne (Utrecht).

Participation is free

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Universiteitsbibliotheek Uithof
Heidelberglaan 3