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Europa Humanistica is a European research project initiated by the Paris-based Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (IRHT). The project is participated in by twelve institutes from France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It focuses on the preliminary work in 16th-century and 17th-century editions of Greek and Latin texts from classical antiquity and the postclassical age. The collection of this preliminary work within a single publication will not only increase our insight into matters like the reception of manuscripts and the selection and appreciation of the authors in question, but above all into the relationships that philologists maintained in the interest of their work. This project gives important humanists from the northern and southern Low Countries, who are still all too often overshadowed by the figure of Erasmus, the attention they are due. Taking the key edition centres of the time as a point of departure, we have selected the following lemmas: Rodolphus Agricola, Johannes Murmellius and Gisbertus Longolius (Deventer); Hadrianus Junius and Dirk Volckertsz. Coornhert (Haarlem); Theodorus Pulmannus and Cornelis Van Ghistele (Antwerp).

In partnership with colleagues from Belgium, Huygens ING will be realising a double edition about the as yet un-partitioned Netherlands prior to the Protestant Reformation of around 1575, the founding year of Leiden University:

  • Les Pays-Bas des Humanistes Ia (approx 1480 – approx 1575).
  • Les Pays-Bas des Humanistes Ib. Le Collège trilingue à Louvain (1517 – approx 1575).


prof. dr. Henk Nellen
drs. Steven Surdel
dr. Jan Bloemendal