Constitutions and the Organisation of Government during the Batavian era, 1796-1806

Edited by L. de Gou

Each volume contains indices of personal names, place names and related subjects as well as other relevant lists.

At various times in the Netherlands between 1796 and 1806 a new constitution was either in the process of being discussed or drafted. On four separate occasions new forms of government were actually brought into force, in close dialogue with the French government. The length of time it took to prepare the definitive text often varied and was taken up with discussions about the structure of government that was favoured as well as the final wording of the text. A five-volume text edition (divided over eight bound publications) offers a selection of documents from French and Dutch archives. These items show how successive forms of government came into existence. In every case, the definitive text has also been included. This publication is therefore of immense relevance for research into the political and legal history of the Batavian period.