Diaries of Willem de Clercq 1811-1844

Between 1824 – 1831 Willem de Clercq (1795–1844) was the secretary and president of the Dutch Trade Company – Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM), as well as a poet, literary historian and leading figure of the Protestant Reveil in the Netherlands. The project is a collaboration between The Huygens Institute for Dutch History, de Stichting Reveil-Archief and the Special Collections department of the university library of University of Amsterdam. In addition to the scanned images of pages from the diaries, readers will find here the transcribed text covering the years from 1811 to 1831. Additions to the text already available will be added in due course. The project is being carried out by Jolanda Buijs, Marian Schouten and Marlein Sopers, with the assistance of Prof. M.H. Schenkeveld. Project leaders are Dr Ineke Huysman and Dr Ton van Kalmthout.