A Companion for Digital Editing Methods

The project A Companion for Digital Editing Methods offers an online platform for knowledge exchange in the fields of scholarly editing and historical source publications. The contributions come from scholars within and outside the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands and have a clear methodological focus. The online platform offers different publication formats: from thematic essays to interactive tutorials. An important category is Peer dialogues, in which two or more scholars discuss a (proposed) methodology, a (new) theme, or a challenge within their field. This makes the Companion an interdisciplinary reference work and research environment that is relevant for everyone who wants to study and edit textual sources. The core editorial team of the Companion consists of researchers Elli Bleeker, Marijke van Faassen, Rik Hoekstra en Marijn Koolen. If you want to publish, please contact one of the members of the editorial team.