Research group Knowledge and Art Practices
Specialisation (Religious) Material culture, medieval manuscripts and public history


Renée Schilling studied history at Utrecht University, followed by the Research Master Europe 1000-1800 at Leiden University. Her specialties are (religious) material culture, medieval manuscripts and public history. From 2018 onwards she has worked on projects that aim to enhance the accessibility of medieval heritage for a broad audience; first at Leiden University in the project ‘Digital Manuscripts in the Classroom’ led by Erik Kwakkel and since 2019 at Huygens ING. Currently, she is creating a virtual exhibition for the The Art of Reasoning project, led by Irene van Renswoude and Mariken Teeuwen. From September 2020 she will be the researcher-coordinator for eCodices NL: an online portal for Dutch medieval manuscript collections. During this time she will also start a research project, based on these collections, in preparation of a PhD thesis.