Research group Computational Literary Studies
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Lamyk Bekius studied Dutch language and culture (BA and rMA) at the University of Amsterdam. Part of her research Master Dutch Studies: Dutch Literature was a research internship at Huygens Institute. Since November 2018, she works as a PhD candidate in the project Track Changes: Textual scholarship and the challenge of digital literary writing. In her research, she will investigate to what extent the traditional textual genetic methodology can be applied to a born-digital work of literature and where the methodology needs to change. The research will study the genesis of the novel Roosevelt (2016) by Gie Bogaert. The complete writing process of Roosevelt was logged with the keystroke logging software Inputlog. As a result, the genesis of this novel can be studied in precise detail. The project is a collaboration between Huygens Institute and the University of Antwerp. Her supervisor is prof. dr. Karina van Dalen-Oskam and her co-supervisors are prof. dr. Dirk Van Hulle and dr. Mariëlle Leijten, both from the University of Antwerp.