Research group Political Culture and History


Jirsi studied maritime history at Leiden University and the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald. Within this specialisation he made strong use of primary early modern sources, of which the deeds from the Amsterdam Notarial Archives were one of the most important. After graduating in 2014, Jirsi decided to further expand his maritime profession towards the modern age by researching and publishing on various Rotterdam port companies.
Research and other projects

Since 2017 Jirsi has been appointed data curator for the NWO research project Golden Agents: Creative Industries and the Making of the Dutch Golden Age which examines the creative industry in Amsterdam in the Golden Age. For the most part, Jirsi works at the Stadarchief Amsterdam, where he is working on the realisation of an infrastructure for research data and on harmonising and interconnecting the historical datasets of the Stadsarchief in particular. In addition to the existing indexes, this mainly concerns the output of the indexing project Alle Amsterdamse Akten and the transcription project Crowd Leert Computer Lezen. Both projects aim to make an important source of information about the Amsterdam cultural industry, namely the notarial deeds of the Amsterdam civil-law notaries, searchable at a deeper level by using crowd sourcing and machine learning techniques. Jirsi ensures that this information will also become available within the Golden Agents infrastructure. In the project Jirsi acts as a link between researchers, software developers and external partners.