Research group Computational Literary Studies
Specialisation Computational Literary Studies; Genetic Criticism


After studying English language and literature in Groningen, Floor Buschenhenke worked at various publishing houses. In between, she followed courses at the MA Editor at the University of Amsterdam. She was self-employed from 2006 until mid-2018. Her freelance activities ranged from proofreading manuscripts to teaching Dutch as a second language to newcomers. She has worked for Huygens Institute twice before: in 2014, as a research assistant for the project “Beyond the book”, and in 2015-2016 as a researcher in the pilot study “The literary work 2.0”, which was the precursor to her current PhD research. From September 2018 onwards, she has been working as a PhD-student on the project “Track Changes: Textual scholarship and the challenge of digital literary writing”. Her supervisor is Karina van Dalen-Oskam, and her co-supervisors are Dirk van Hulle and Luuk van Waes, both affiliated with the University of Antwerp.