Research group Knowledge and Art Practices
Specialisation Latin literature from the Middle Ages and the early modern period; Neo-Latin theater and the transnational influence of Latin literature
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Dinah Wouters works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Huygens ING on the project ‘TransLatin: The Transnational Impact of Latin Theatre from the Early Modern Netherlands, A Qualitative and Computational Analysis.’ She studied Literature and Linguistics of Latin and English at Ghent University, specializing in Historical Literature and Linguistics. She also obtained a degree in the study of Gender and Diversity. She received her PhD in 2019 with a dissertation on the use of allegory and exegesis in the vision books of the twelfth-century prophetess Hildegard of Bingen.

She was one of the founders of the international research network RELICS, which offers a platform for research on the cosmopolitan role of Latin in the history of European literatures. She also helped establish and is now the coordinator of the group’s open access academic journal JOLCEL.

Within the TransLatin project, she studies the transnational impact of theatre written and performed in Latin in the early modern Netherlands.