Research group Computational literary studies
Specialisation Modernism and epistemology


Anna Dijkstra studied Philosophy and English Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam, the latter of which she finished cum laude in 2020 with a thesis exploring the role of technology in modernist and postmodernist literature. From 2020 and 2022, she undertook the research master’s in Literary studies at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on modernism’s reliance on particular epistemological underpinnings. In 2021, she pursued a research internship at the Meertens Institute, where she, supervised by Professor Leonie Cornips, worked towards a philosophical reconceptualisation of the interaction between dogs and their human companions that increases space for agency. Since April 2023, she has worked at the Huygens Institute as coordinator in the Horizon 2020 CLS INFRA project, and has participated in the Novel Perceptions research project, exploring intra-authorial influence. In addition, she conducts research in the fields of modernist studies, epistemology, novel theory, and posthumanism, and works as editor-in-chief and managing editor for Soapbox Journal for Cultural Analysis.