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The eBNM is maintained and developed under the aegis of the Leiden University Library’s Special Collections department (head curator André Bouwman, commissioning eBNM+).

The purpose of the eBNM+project is to transfer data from OCLC/Pica to a more flexible data structure and application, as a result of which the eBNM+ can start to operate as a valuable open-access source that other sources and systems can link up to. Sustainability and persistence are crucially important in this respect.

The new eBNM+ will have the following characteristics:

1. freely accessible by any user, anywhere in the world;

2. simple inclusion of new contributions and corrections by scientists;

3. easily linked up to related databases; in the long term also available for cross-searching (simultaneous searches of several databases) from an interface;

4. prepared for the inclusion of new databases such as:

  • research data relating to Middle Dutch texts that were printed before 1541 and the books they were stored in;
  • articles in Middle Dutch texts and their authors (linked to the current thesaurised information).

It opens up further options for linking to and from other digital sources.


drs. Guido Gerritsen