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Eef Dijkhof

  • Dr Eef Dijkhof
  • Researcher
  • Department of History
  • Specialisation: medieval documents and records
  • +31 (0)20-2246837


Eef Dijkhof studied Medieval History at the University of Amsterdam, where he gained his PhD in 1997 with a thesis on the production of charters of the most important towns and cloisters in Holland and Zeeland in the thirteenth and first quarter of the fourteenth centuries. He is specialized in the study and publication of medieval documents and has issued various source publications and studies in this domain. Since 2001 he has been working at Huygens ING, where he was engaged in the publication of vol. V of the Oorkondenboek van Holland en Zeeland, and vol. V of the source publication on the history of the meetings of the States and cities of Holland. At present he is the project leader of the project entitled ‘Repertorium van Ambtenaren en Ambtsdragers van de graven van Holland en Zeeland in de Middeleeuwen’ (RAA II). Furthermore, he is the secretary general of Porta Historica, a network that was founded at the initiative of Huygens ING in 2006 and which accommodates internationally scholars and institutions that are involved with or interested in opening up, editing and analysing historical documents.

Research and other projects:

Major publications:

  • ‘Goatskin and growing literacy: The penetration of writing in the former counties of Holland and Zeeland in the thirteenth century in relation to the changes of the internal en external features of the charters issued’, in: K. Heidecker, red., Charters and the use of the written word in medieval society, Turnhout 2000 (Utrecht Studies in medieval literacy 5), p. 101–112.
  • (m.m.v. J.G. Kruisheer) Oorkondenboek van Holland en Zeeland tot 1299, V, 1291 tot 1299, Den Haag 2005.
  • ‘Die Entstehung der Abtei Graefenthal und deren Beziehung zur Münsterabtei Roermond – Eine diplomatische Untersuchung zur Gründung der Abtei’. In: Graefenthal. Ein Kloster der Zisterzienserinen am Niederrhein (Arbeitsheft der rheinische Denkmalpflege 72 [2008]) p. 49-62.


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