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Willem de Clercq (1795–1844) was the secretary and president of the Dutch Trade Company – Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM), as well as a poet and leading figure of the Protestant Reveil in the Netherlands. De Clerq’s diaries are completely unique in the Netherlands. Not only due to their scope with an estimated length of some 30,000 pages but also regarding the depth and breadth of the comments. Readers of the text will see the inconstancy of a human life pass before them, bringing with it the political, social, cultural and technological changes of an entire era. Thanks to the collaboration of various interested persons and organisations, a section of the diary, namely the period up to 1830, is currently available on this website. In addition to the scanned images of pages from the diaries, readers will find here the transcribed text covering the years 1811 to 1826. The section from 1827 to 1844 is for the time being only available in scanned form. Later sections of the diary together with supplements to the already available text, will be added in due course.


dr. Ton van Kalmthout
dr. Ineke Huysman