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CODL is set up with a dual objective, combining infrastructural goals with objectives pertaining to literary research. One of its aims is the consolidation, strengthening and expansion of the network of international Dutch Studies. This interdisciplinary network consists mainly of specialists of Dutch literature and literary translators affiliated with departments of Dutch language and literature within the Netherlands and Flanders, as well as departments of Dutch outside the Dutch-speaking regions. Representatives of other disciplines, such as translation studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, and theatre, film and media studies also participate in the project. CODL tries to obtain European funds to continue the cooperation and make future research possible. In addition to the infrastructural aim, CODL wishes to launch an ambitious plan for the future to write a history of the international dissemination of Dutch literature. The project’s literary-historical and methodological/theoretical aims should be seen in the context of this objective.

CODL is expected to produce the following results:
1. The strengthening of the research infrastructure. A dynamic website is under construction. This will provide participating researchers, students and translators in different countries with a virtual collaboratory to facilitate electronic communication. By working within this context, collaborators commit themselves to share their materials and insights with the other participants. Until the launching of the dynamic website in the autumn of 2013 a temporary site with digital facilities is made available from the end of 2012 at the URL:
2. The creation of a network of ‘intramural’ and ‘extramural’ scholars of Dutch Studies for the stimulation of research cooperation and the sharing of expertise. The project will promote the setting up of regional networks.
3. The organisation of several workshops on cultural transfer, reception studies and on translatological, performative and didactic aspects of the circulation of texts. These workshops, also presenting the results of the focus groups, will lead on to the next phase:
4. A European research proposal. This proposal will be submitted in order to continue the joint research after 2015.
5. A volume containing research results of CODL.
6. Other CODL related initiatives (translation workshops, publications, lectures, research proposals, etc.) from individual participants.



prof.dr. Elke Brems (KU Leuven, campus Brussel)
dr. Ton van Kalmthout (Huygens ING)
dr. Orsolya Réthlyi (ELTE Budapest)