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Robin Buning

  • dr. Robin Buning
  • Researcher
  • Department of History of Science and Scholarship
  • Specialisation: early modern correspondence and scholarly networks, Neo-Latin, digital humanities
  • +31(0)20-2246803


Robin Buning studied classics at Leiden University and did the Minor Editing & Publishing at the University of Amsterdam. He specialized in Neo-Latin and did an internship at the Huygens Institute, where he participated in the ‘Vossius, Poeticae institutiones‘ project. He wrote his master’s thesis on Johannes Meursius’s Rerum Belgicarum liber unus, in quo Induciarum historia (1612) and the historiography of the negotiations for the Twelve Years’ Truce. After having worked as a project manager with the translation agency Textcase, he became a PhD researcher within the project ‘Descartes and his Network’ at the faculty of philosophy of Utrecht University. His dissertation comprises an intellectual biography of the Utrecht professor of philosophy Henricus Reneri (1593–1639), with a special focus on the relation between Reneri and his friend René Descartes, and the role he played in the coming about of Descartes’s network in the Netherlands. After obtaining his PhD, in November 2013, he became a postdoctoral research fellow within the digital humanities project ‘Cultures of Knowledge’ at the History Faculty of the University of Oxford. There, he did research on the network of Samuel Hartlib (ca. 1600–1662) and collaborated in the development of an application for prosopographical network analysis, for which the collected data on Hartlib’s network provided a case study. In that capacity, he is also affiliated to COST Action: IS1310 ‘Reassembling the European Republic of Letters’. In addition to this, he compiled a catalogue of the correspondence of Isaac Vossius (1618–1689). Currently, he works as a researcher at the Huygens ING within the ‘Erasmus, Opera Omnia’ project. Furthermore, he participates as a translator in the publication of Desiderius Erasmus’s (1466–1536) correspondence in Dutch and he is editor of